February 14, 2014

Delhi Government approved Delhi Nagar Swaraj Bill

swaraj bill

Delhi government approved the Delhi Nagar Swaraj Bill on 13 February 2014. The Bill seeks to make the people of the city a part of the decision making process.
The Bill is aimed at decentralizing power to grassroots by setting up Mohalla Sabhas across the New Delhi. It gives power to the common people to solve problems at the local level and run day to day administration.
The Bill provides for eight to 12 mohallas in each ward. All registered voters will be part of the mohalla sabha and this general body will elect four representatives: two men and two women. One representative will be from the SC/ST/OBC category. The representatives of mohallas will form the area ward committee. The Bill will make mohalla sabhas and ward committees stronger and gives power to the people to curb corruption at the local level.