March 7, 2014

Bihar emerges as fastest growing state with growth rate of 15.05 per cent in 2012-13; Gujarat placed at 6th position

The latest data released by the Central Statistics Office shows that Bihar is the fastest growing State with its Gross State Domestic Product growing at 15.05 per cent during 2012-13.
It is the only State to clock a double-digit growth rate. According to the CSO data, Gujarat ranked sixth with growth rate at 7.96 per cent, behind Bihar and Madhya Pradesh with 9.89 per cent, Goa 8.47 per cent, Kerala 8.24 per cent and Odisha 8.09 per cent. The all-India growth rate in 2012-13 was 4.47 per cent.
Bihar’s Directorate of Economics and Statistics has also released the Gross State Domestic Product growth estimates for 2013-14. The State is estimated to grow at 8.82 per cent, as per the data on the CSO website.